Blood on the tracks

“Many of the smaller ones perched on my hat, and when I carried my gun on my shoulder would sit on the muzzle. During my stay I killed forty-five all of which I skinned carefully.”



I really wish I hadn’t read that extract from David Douglas’s diary describing the birds he killed during his few days on the Galapagos Islands in 1824. Douglas happens to be a bit of a hero of mine. I get a powerful kick looking up into the huge trees he brought back from his travels in what was then the wild woods of the Pacific North West. He went to such trouble to collect seed without destroying the forest it is sad to discover he was blasting eagles and owls and other grand feathered things off the face of the mountain. But I guess no-one is perfect. (more…)

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Can democracy deliver in time for climate change?

Is the NHS equipped to deal with floods, gales and heatwaves of extreme weather?  A deadly serious question is posed in a quiet corner of the Houses of Parliament.  While the media fulminates in a flash storm conjured by David Cameron during Prime Ministers Questions, the Environmental Audit Select Committee contemplates a more fearful threat than Ed Milliband ‘crawling to power on Alex Salmond’s coat tails’. (more…)

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Malcolm Rifkind uncoiled and undone

Malcolm Rifkind sits on the sofa facing me. In his crisp shirt sleeves, he is the picture of casual composure, a study in carefully controlled ease nicely captured by the cameraman. And not a word out of place on the tape recording. (more…)

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Year of the Goat: lucky for some?

Welcome to the year of the Goat.  What will it bring? With Chinese New Year celebrations underway I find myself thinking of Alex Salmond and how a skilful politician can turn almost any date to good advantage. (more…)

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Zen and the art of the Big Garden Bird Watch

Stay still sparrows, I’m trying to count you. 

Cup of coffee on the table, notepad and pencil in hand and I’m set for a happy hour looking out the window.  Make it two hours.  Settling down for the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch I wondered if it would be cheating to do the count over the whole day.  (more…)

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Let’s get weaving

It feels good to be weaving again, even if only to mend the border of an old log basket. New green willow cut from the edge of a Scottish stream gives a rough and ready handmade look to a shop-bought basket so evenly woven it could have been made by machine.  But hands-on, head-down weaving brings another benefit to a weary online worker. (more…)

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Are Edinburgh’s Christmas lights sustainable?

It’s not much after four in the afternoon and the winter sun has set way to the west of Edinburgh castle. At the end of November the city is ready for a long dark night but birds are singing in East Princes Street Gardens as if dawn was breaking.  And no wonder. The sky is ablaze with 200,000 Christmas lights. (more…)

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Time to end the social injustice of the council tax freeze

Perhaps I should be grateful to John Swinney. Since 2007 Scotland’s Finance Secretary has spent £500 million on freezing council taxes. “By the end of the current Parliamentary term, [Band D] households will have saved £1,200 since the freeze was introduced in 2007.” So says the SNP press release which conveniently skates over the cost of this ‘saving’ and the cuts it has imposed on all local authorities.


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Let Scotland flourish

After a momentous night, a new day.  In every street of every town and city in Scotland there is likely to be a mix of deeply conflicting emotions. Relief, anger, grief, disappointment, jubilation, maybe even despair as the reality of the referendum result sinks in.  It will take time to recover a sense of balance after such a long, passionate and often divisive campaign. But hope has not died. Today, the day after Scotland’s historic decision, brings a dawning reality: we have woken in a different country. Scotland is still part of the United Kingdom but both are changed forever. 19 September 2014


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What sort of Scotland?

Should Scotland be an Independent Country?  If we were asked that question in a school or college exam and we gave only the positive case for creating a new nation we would surely not expect to pass.  Yet we are being asked to vote YES on the basis of only the most optimistic forecasts – on the pound and pensions, on oil revenues, the economy and the constitution, on welfare, education and defence, on speedy entry into the EU.  All will be well according to the Scottish Government. (more…)

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